World Wide Radio. On Spotify.


BASYL24 ▷ MUSIC is the worlds first radiostation on Spotify. A playlist that follows your rhythm, 24 hours a day. Just start playing and enjoy.

relaxed music, wake up easily

upbeat music, getting things done

relaxed music, unwind/dinnertime

slow music, read a book or just sit back and relax

the big shuffle
All times are in Central European Time


Well, you can turn it on any time you like and the music will probably fit your mood. Relaxed in the morning, upbeat when you have to get things done, slowing down again at dinnertime and ultimately chill in the evening. Some great classics, some fresh tunes. Songs you can sing along to and probably some you've never heard before. Like a radiostation.

But it's also Spotify, so if you really don't like a track; just skip it! Not too often though, if you don't want your musical dinnertime to start right after lunch 😉 . It's called Basyl24 because whenever you check the playlist there's always at least 24 hours of fresh music waiting for you. And we know what time it is, so the flow is always right.


Oh yeah, that would be me. I pick out all the music myself, adding new songs on a daily basis. Old as well as new. So if you discover a great tune, let me know. I'm always eager to discover new stuff and share it with as many listeners as possible. Kasper helps me with the technical stuff. He keeps the music flowing perfectly (as longs as you're on Central European Time). So it's Personal, it's Spotify and it's Radio. But most of all it's fun, it's easy, it's the soundtrack to our day and maybe yours.